Arguably Sexy Nighty for Sword Art Online PS Vita Game Just Sold for $300

Arguably Sexy Nighty for Sword Art Online PS Vita Game Just Sold for $300

Remember the “Pajama” costume for Asuna in the PS Vita JRPG Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment that a few days ago was going on Japanese auction sites for about $150? Well, looks like there are gamers willing to pay even more for it.

As prices keep fluctuating, one of the prized download codes (that were originally distributed by the Family Mart convenience stores chain) for the arguably sexy nighty just sold for 30,000 yen, which translates to just south of $300. I’m not joking. You an see a screencap for the completed auction below.

In order to give some background on the nighty’s popularity, it’s the outfit worn by Asuna during a scene in which she sleeps with the protagonist Kirito,  which apparently is a favorite between fans. The nighty, which is quite demure when seen from the front, shows a bit more skin from the rear, as you can see in the picture from the aforementioned scene at the bottom of the post.

It’s definitely cute, but in spite of being a fan of the anime series I seriously doubt I’d spend money on it, let alone $300. What about you?

One thing is for sure. The game is coming west this Summer, so you’ll get your chance to prove how well you can resist the charm of Asuna’s nighty.