Ariana Grande is a PS5 Player And She Loves Sackboy A Big Adventure

Ariana Grande reveals a reference to Sackboy A Big Adventure in her latest track, Six Thirty.

Video games are entertaining enough that they can gather audience from any possible medium. Ariana Grande is one of the well-known singers that has brought up his interest in video games several times before, but in a recent livestream from her, it was revealed that among the Ariana Grande PS5 library, Sackboy A Big Adventure is one of her favorites, to a point that a line of her Six Thirty track is now a reference to the game.

If you’ve listened to Ariana Grande’s Six Thirty, you might have noticed a line where she says “What you gon’ do when I’m bored, and I wanna play video games at 2 AM?” When she was asked by a fan that what games this line is referring to, Ariana said:

That’s a good question. I think when I wrote it, I was referring to like Mario Party, Mario Kart, but now… if I sang it right now, I’d be talking about Sackboy.

The video soon tweeted by the official account of Sackboy A Big Adventure with the developers appreciating Ariana Grande for playing Sackboy at 2 am.

For those who have already played Sackboy and liked it, this would be a great reaction from Ariana Grande. On the other hand, the fans of the game who have not played Sumo Digital’s latest platforming title yet, this could a great motivation to give the game a whirl in the future.

All aside, it’s nice to hear that celebrities and well-known personalities from different mediums are upgrading their gaming experience as soon as a new console comes out. Now, the fans are probably eager to know more about the Ariana Grande PS5 library and the games she have played recently aside from Sackboy.

Sumo Digital‘s Sackboy A Big Adventure is now available exclusively on PS4 and PS5.

Mehrdad Khayyat

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