Ark Genesis Part 2: Tek Suit Controls For PC, Xbox, And PS4

Unleash the full potential of Tek armor suit in Ark!

The plot of Ark: Survival Evolved revolves around humanity abandoning the planet – only to return in the form of Survivors in an attempt to reclaim their planet.

With the help of gear like Tek Armor suit controls and resources like various minerals, food, creatures, etc., players can advance further in the story.

Read more below to find out about Ark Tek suit controls and how to use it.

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ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – Launch Trailer

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition – Launch Trailer

How To Control Tek Armor Suit In Ark Genesis Part 2?

Tek Armor is a full body-suit gear that offers physical protection as well as climate protection from extreme cold, heat, and radiation. It can be worn underwater as well for survival and for better vision.

Each Tek armor part in Ark provides special abilities, such as unlimited oxygen, night vision, helmet scanner, devastating punches, jetpack, no fall damage, and climbing mountains. Players can combine jetpack-function with the leggings’ fast walking ability allows to increase the flying-speed.

The Tek suit in Ark is made up of five pieces:

  • Helmet: Tek Helmets offer night vision, an unlimited supply of oxygen underwater, and a targeting mode that reveals other characters’ positions.
  • Chestpiece: Protects the torso and come with an integrated jetpack
  • Gauntlet: Allows the wearer to perform devastating punches.
  • Leggings: For powerful forward movement
  • Boots: Absorbs the impact of falling from high distances

After crafting the Tek armor suit in Ark Genesis Part 2, you will need element to activate it.

Ark Tek Suit Controls

Default controls for PC:

  • CTRL: Armor sprint
  • Hold Shift: for speedrun (even on water)
  • Spacebar: Jetpack jump; double-tap for a boost
  • Shift: sprint (hold it in the air to hover)
  • CTRL+Spacebar+W: use the jetpack to launch forward in the air
  • E: Use key (works for helmet too; double-tap to switch Vision modes)
  • Right mouse button: Hold and release for punch

Default controls for Xbox:

  • Double-tap A for jetpack
  • Press right stick in to stay in place or to go higher
  • Double-tap Y to activate/switch the helmet/modes
  • Hold RB for leggings/boots to run

Default controls for PS4:

  • Double-tap triangle twice to activate/switch the helmet/modes
  • Hold X to fly up; release to descend
  • L3 button to hover
  • while hovering press R1 to launch forward in air/ hold R1 on ground for Speedrun
  • L2 for punch
  • R2 for shoot
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