ARK: Survival Evolved Patch v255 Adds New Creatures, Out Now on PS4, Soon for Xbox One

ARK: Survival Evolved Patch v255 Adds New Creatures, Out Now on PS4, Soon for Xbox One

The new update is out now for PS4 and adds four creatures and new TEK structures.

The newest patch (v255) for ARK: Survival Evolved has recently been released and is available now for PS4 users. Xbox One players will receive the patch for themselves, “very, very soon.”

This new update adds four new creatures to the game, of which you can read details on below.

Electrophorus Beluadomito – A species of Knifefish, Electrophorus uses an electrical charge to zap its prey, bringing down smaller fish and eels. Tribes have been known to capture and tame schools of Electrophorus in order to use them for taking down larger aquatic animals.

Microraptor Gnarilongus – Resembling a bird with a reptilian face, Microraptor is a vicious predator that is instantly aggressive to anything its size or smaller (including humans). Able to jump, run and do short glides, Microraptor is incredibly dangerous alone or in packs, and when trained, they can even take riders right out of their saddles during combat.
Ammonitina Multiamicus – One of the more unique creatures of the sea, the Ammonite resembles a nautilus, but much bigger. For unknown reasons, an attack on an Ammonite brings forth the wrath of all neighboring sea creatures, who will fervently defend it. This makes it a challenge to kill one, though the rewards are often worth it – the shell itself is valuable (as it is rare) and the bile can be used to concoct a unique new pheromone dart.

Thylacoleo Furtimorsus – Also known as the “marsupial lion”, Thylacoleo is a powerful predator native to the island’s redwood forests. A strong bite – the strongest of any land mammal – and bolt cutter-like teeth, make this creature a formidable ambush predator, leaping from above to crush the necks of its prey.

Also included in this new update is 30+ new explorer notes in addition to improved performance of the game’s servers. New TEK Tier technology has also been added and includes a new set of TEK building structures, a TEK Forcefield, and TEK Autodoors to customize your own base. New hairstyle and beard options have also been added to allow players to customize their characters even further.

If you want to see what the new creatures in this update look like, then be sure to check out the trailer below which showcases all four of them.