Arkane Studios’ The Crossing Gets New Trademark Filing

Arkane Studios’ The Crossing Gets New Trademark Filing

Bethesda parent company ZeniMax has filed a trademark application for The Crossing — a 2009 title from Arkane Studios that was indefinitely put on hold — with the United States Patent & Trademark Office on October 11th. As you would expect, the trademark application covers videos games, but doesn’t provide any further details.

Before Arkane Studios thrusted itself into the spotlight with Dishonored, the team was working on a first-person shooter titled The Crossing. At the time, the game was said to be a unique merge between singleplayer and multiplayer. But as we all know, the game never saw the light of day. Citing “unexpected financial challenges,” the studio put The Crossing on hold indefinitely in May 2009.

Fast forward a year, and ZeniMax purchased Arkane, further putting the game on hold.

However, it now appears that ZeniMax/Bethesda may have some plans for the IP, that or they value it enough to keep a hold of it for potential future use.

It’s important to remember, the existence of a trademark application could potentially mean very little. Throughout the years there have been many trademarks filled for things we never heard about again. In this instance, this could very well be ZeniMax/Bethesda just wanting to hold onto the IP for the sake of potential revival. Or it could mean something is in the works right as I write this. Who knows.