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Arma Reforger Update Patch Notes Today (June 7)

More bugs fixed!

June 7, 2022

Arma Reforger will receive a new update today, which will be available for download after 3 hours of server maintenance. Let’s have a look at the changelog.

Arma Reforger players on both PC and Xbox will need to download a new update soon. For PC players, the new update will go live today, whereas the Xbox players will get it tomorrow, June 8.

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Before deploying the update, Bohemia Interactive will shut down servers for 3 hours from 6 am ET/10 am UTC/12 pm CEST to 9 am ET/1 pm UTC/3 pm CEST on PC today. There will be similar maintenance for the Xbox version tomorrow.


The new update is a hotfix that wipes out a number of issues with the gameplay as well as the game engine. Some of the notable fixes include camera adjustments and stability improvements to avoid game crashes.

You can check out the full patch notes down below:

Arma Reforger Update Patch Notes for Today


  • Added: Spawned player protection
  • Fixed: Compartments or HitZones may have been not initialized properly in some cases
  • Fixed: Character heads clipping through the roof when climbing inside buildings
  • Fixed: Vehicles which were left empty are now put to sleep to save performance
  • Fixed: Vehicles would be left in undefined state if their driver’s game session terminated unexpectedly (“the flying vehicle” issue)
  • Fixed: Various pathfinding and navmesh generation tweaks and crash fixes
  • Fixed: Possible crash when releasing radio frequencies
  • Fixed: Deploy menu wouldn’t close properly after deploy was requested
  • Fixed: Camera when using weapons on tripods wasn’t aligned correctly
  • Fixed: Items in inventory or arsenal was reshuffling when picked up
  • Fixed: AIs could get stuck when performing some of the requests
  • Fixed: Character could get pushed under the terrain
  • Fixed: Camera shake no longer runs on headless build
  • Fixed: Wrong LOD settings on some equipment
  • Fixed: Building task no longer created outside of small bases
  • Fixed: Players would not have a group after using “Quick Deploy” in faction screen
  • Fixed: Quick bar could not be used on passenger seat
  • Fixed: Game no longer tries to localize server names, can contain “#” now
  • Fixed: Unpenetrable weapons
  • Changed: Editable entity pipeline was made a part of game data to improve modding workflow
  • Changed: GM can no longer finish the scenario, it could result in undefined server state
  • Changed: Base randomization
  • Changed: XP bar reflects kills now
  • Changed: Conflict HQ tents contain medical boxes now
  • Tweaked: Zeroing on M249, RPK74, PKM, SVD, M21
  • Tweaked: Latrine destruction
  • Tweaked: M21 optics position


  • Added: Authentication timeout added to ensure connections slots do not remain stuck in authenticating state due to unexpected backend issues
  • Changed: Improved issues diagnostics
  • Fixed: Animation state synchronization


  • Fixed: Allow rendering on GPU adapters with no connected output (this should help mostly on mobile devices with multiple GPUs)
  • Fixed: Crash when an incompatible material was selected
  • Fixed: Particles could crash the game in certain situations

Known Issues:

  • Base callsigns are not consistent between clients. Please use town names instead.

Arma Reforger is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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