Armed With Wings: Rearmed Launches June 1st; New Trailer Released

Today, developer Sun-Studios announced that after two years in Steam Early Access, it’s 2D action/platformer Armed With Wings: Rearmed, is set to launch on PC on June 1st.

As you may know, the game is also in development for PS4 and Xbox One; however, these versions are still without a release date. Additionally, Sun-Studios has said the game is “being assessed” for the Switch.

For those that don’t know: Armed with Wings: Rearmed is the redesigned version of Armed with Wings, the 2008 flash game. The redesign features improved artwork, streamlined gameplay, and additional levels. There is also new cutscenes and minor design changes. Here’s an official overview via its steam page:

You are the sword; cut down your foes with steel and thunder. You are the wings; explore the skies and uncover unreachable mysteries. Embark on a journey through a vicious world ruled by darkness and imperial tyranny – the lands of Blackmist.

Darkness continues to plague the world of Blackmist. The Rebel Army is crushed, the war for freedom is lost and the Tyrant King Vandheer continues to rule with his cold, iron fist. However, the cries of the perished have not been ignored by the divine ones who seek to save the world from darkness. So by their hands the strongest of the fallen is resurrected, wielding celestial power and a sacred title, Armed with Wings.

The Sword

Your blade summons the power of lightning and thunder. Strike your foes and reduce them to mist.

The Eagle

Your Eagle companion will aid you in solving puzzles on your journey. Discover what lies ahead, distract guards, move objects and collect unreachable items.

The World

The dark world of Blackmist is a dilapidated ruin full of monsters, mercenaries and mysteries. Journey through 40 hand crafted levels brimming with thoughtful puzzles and challenging adversaries.

The King

King Vandheer resides in his palace waiting for your arrival. Execute the divine order and destroy Vandheer.

The game notably boasts multiple modes and over 40 handcrafted levels.

Armed with Wings: Rearmed currently costs $7.99 USD in its current Steam Early Access form. It’s unclear whether this price will translate over to its final release.

Below, you can view a new trailer which accompanied today’s release date announcement:

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