FromSoftware Actually Isn't Teasing a New Armored Core Game (UPDATED)

Yasunori Ogura confirmed the key visual is unrelated to a new Armored Core game.

December 4, 2019

Update: FromSoftware denied the key visual is related to a new Armored Core Game. Yasunori Ogura confirmed it via our comrades at Game Spark.  
The original article is still below.

FromSoftware might have published a teaser for a new Armored Core game. Yasunori Ogura, who holds the position of FromSoftware’s Marketing Department Manager, changed his Twitter banner on December 4, replacing it with a new visual seemingly linked to the Armored Core series. The visual is the one you’re seeing above. This key visual might be from a new game. The full version of the visual is included below.

However, FromSoftware didn’t actually announced anything yet so don’t get hyped. It might just be a coincidence and not teasing anything in particular. This visual could as well be just a new key visual for a non-game related project for the Armored Core franchise, or just a new PR key visual for FromSoftware as a whole.

Armored Core celebrated its 20th anniversary in July 2017 but nothing big happened besides an anniversary OST release. However, Hidetaka Miyazaki and Yasunori Ogura mentioned multiple times over the years the series isn’t forgotten and is coming back one day. Maybe we’ll learn more soon.

Meanwhile, you could always get Daemon x Machina on Switch for your fix, as the game shares staff with the Armored Core series and is just as complex when it comes to mecha customization. While Armored Core Director and Producer Toshifumi Nabeshima also worked on Left Alive, you probably shouldn’t play that one.

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