Nintendo Switch Exclusive Arms Characters and Weapons Detailed in New Videos

Nintendo Switch Exclusive Arms Characters and Weapons Detailed in New Videos

Nintendo released two videos for their upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Arms today. One video covers the game’s characters, while the other covers the weapons players can equip.

Players can take control of one of five characters during matches in Arms: Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy, and Mechanica. Spring Man is an all-around balanced fighter who can leave a shockwave behind to repel attacks. He will also retain his ability to use charge attacks even after he drops under 25% health.  Ribbon Girl has the ability to jump in mid-air repeatedly, and can do a quick drop to come back to the ground fast.

Ninjara is an chain-wielding ninja whose air-dash leaves a smokescreen. He also has the ability to warp with his guard up. Master Mummy’s control and movement are not normally impeded, even if he is hit by an attack. His guard also restores health. Finally, Mechanica can hover in mid-air and doesn’t get stunned easily.

Weapons manifest themselves as the titular Arms, and they each have a distinct set of attributes. The Toaster Arms catch fire when they are charged up, so a punch to an enemy will set them on fire. The large Megaton Arms knock down enemy punches. Sparky Arms are charged with electricity, and stun enemies they hit. The Boomerangs make a big arc when they attack, and are good to use on maps with a lot of obstacles.

Revolver Arms fire three shots with each punch, and can stun opponents when charged. Slapamander Arms also move in a wide arc, but can also catch fire like the Toaster weapon, giving players the ability to do the same to whoever they are facing. Players will be able to mix and match different arms on each of the five fighters, creating players many interesting combinations to try out.

You can watch the both videos below. Arms will release for the Nintendo Switch this string.