ARMS Creators Weigh in on Twintelle’s Popularity and Their Favorite Characters

ARMS Creators Weigh in on Twintelle’s Popularity and Their Favorite Characters

The creators of ARMS weigh in on everyone's new favourite character in the game as well as their own favorites.

Twintelle, one of ARMS newest characters, has become a fan favorite among Switch owners and Nintendo fans everywhere.

In an interview with GameInformer, series creators Kosuke Yabuki and Masaaki Ishikawa expressed their feelings on the way that fans have latched onto Twintelle and they revealed their own favorite characters in the game.

Ishikawa: My favorite character in this game is Spring Man, but also I have to throw in a vote for Min Min. For Spring Man, he is kind of the simplest expression of the unique features of this game, of Arms as a whole. But for Min Min, she’s got a kind of a sharp face, you know sharper features, and she wears this badge on her chest protection that is the Japanese character for ramen noodles and so I think just as a Japanese person, she feels the most relatable out of all the characters.

Yabuki: My favorite character is also Spring Man, but somebody went ahead and took that one. I’m gonna go with Twintelle. There’s a lot that’s been said about her lately, but she’s a pretty rare character for Nintendo to put out there. She’s got a really strong build and I think that’s really appealing in the world of arms where these fights get really intense, so the characters are naturally gonna have a more muscly build.

On that note the two also expressed their feelings on the recent fandom revolving around Twintelle.

Yabuki: We weren’t really expecting the fans to be so taken with her, so that was a very pleasant surprise! And like I just mentioned, she has that really strong build to her and that seems to be something that the community has picked up on so I’m glad that we were able to create this new character design.

Ishikawa: As for the fan art, we’ve seen a lot of that come through social media and as a character designer I feel pure joy at seeing what the fans are creating. Looking at the fan art and how the artists draw Twintelle with different poses and how they match her with other characters, there’s a lot of variety and vibrance to that art and I love looking at that. I see a lot of it.

Nintendo revealed a ton of new information about ARMS in a Nintendo Direct on May 17.

ARMS is coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 16. Switch owners will have their last chance to participate in the ARMS Global Testpunch today and tomorrow. You can find the specific times for that right here.