ARMS’ First DLC Character Has Been Revealed

ARMS’ First DLC Character Has Been Revealed

Nintendo has announced ARMS' first DLC character coming in the game's second update.

Nintendo’s newest IP ARMS launched today alongside a new accolades trailer.

Before the game launched Nintendo announced ARMS’ first downloadable character right before the end of E3 2017.

ARMS’ newest competitor is named Max Brass. He’s technically a boss in the main game’s single-player already. Brass will not be available as a selectable fighter in the game at launch.

Max Brass will come in ARMS’ second update. The first update launching this month will add a spectator mode in ARMS’ online matches.

Brass’ arms are made up entirely of ARMS championship belts, so he will be a force to be reckoned with. As far as his abilities go, Brass can charge up making it so he will not flinch at incoming attacks from opponents. When his health falls below 25 percent, Brass’ arms will be permanently charged for the remainder of the match.

“He’s basically the greatest champion in the history of the Arms Grand Prix,” said ARMS’ art director Masaaki Ishikawa during Nintendo’s E3 livestream yesterday.

Like other Nintendo games coming to the Switch, players can expect free updates in the coming months following the launch.

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Below you can check out Nintendo’s E3 video featuring ARMS’ newest character as well as the accolades trailer and a bunch of new screenshots featuring Max Brass.