New ARMS Character Lola Pop Showcased in Reveal Trailer

Candy-themed character Lola Pop strikes her way onto Nintendo's successful fighter ARMS in new 3.0 update. More information to be unveiled tomorrow.

on August 22, 2017 10:07 PM

Nintendo has finally revealed the identity of the fighter from last week’s teaser. The candy-themed Lola Pop will be punching her way onto ARMS alongside a brand new stage that matches the new character’s aesthetic. The fighter and arena will both launch when the update 3.0 launches.

In the new Lola Pop showcase video, the fighter flaunts three different ARMS that will be available for players to equipped before each match. The “street performing pugilist” will also have the ability to inflate herself like a balloon, making her a great pick for players who favor defensive fighters. We will get a closer look at all of Lola Pop’s abilities and new stage tomorrow at 2 a.m. Pacific on Nintendo of Europe’s Gamescom hub.

ARMS update 2.1 — which was released this month — brought five new exercises to Training mode, game fixes, and balance changes. The last update that presented the fighting game with a new character was the 2.0 update. The patch was released in July which introduced Max Brass, as well as the Hedlok Scramble mode, records, balance changes, and bug fixes.

ARMS is Nintendo’s newest fighting game for Nintendo Switch that features colorful characters, competitive online matches, and unique gameplay mechanics. It is available now for the Nintendo Switch. Check out DualShockers’ review of Nintendo’s one-of-a-kind fighter where we gave the game an 8.0 out of 10, noting “ARMS pulls no punches in being one of the standout titles in the Switch’s early lineup of games for the summer.”

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