ARMS’ First DLC Character Max Brass Coming via Free Update July 12

on July 7, 2017 11:54 AM

Nintendo announced today that ARMS will be receiving its first DLC character, Max Brass, through a free update on July 12. Alongside this announcement, they also released a new trailer showing some fights with Max Brass.

Max Brass first appeared in as one of the very tough final bosses in ARMS’ Grand Prix mode, and was revealed to be the game’s first DLC character on the day ARMS’ launched. He doesn’t flinch when he has his arms up and charged so he can take many enemy hits, and his arms will stay permanently charged after his health drops below 20%. Nintendo seems to be opting for a similar DLC method to Splatoon, where all DLC is free and it arrives through updates.

The video shows Max Brass fighting on a stage themed around himself, and fighting characters such as Spring Man, Master Mummy, and Ribbon Girl; he even uses some of the aforementioned special abilities in the video. If you are curious about what DualShockers thinks of ARMS, you can check out our review of the gameARMS also recently got an update which added an LAN support and an Arena mode.

You can watch a trailer featuring Max Brass below. ARMS is now available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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