ARMS Gets New Trailer Highlighting First DLC Character, Max Brass

ARMS Gets New Trailer Highlighting First DLC Character, Max Brass

ARMS' first DLC character, Max Brass, gets shown off throwing his punches in a new trailer focusing on his various abilities and powers.

The recently-released ARMS has already proven to be one of the Nintendo Switch’s most unique and quirky titles thanks to its fighting mechanics and roster of characters, with the game’s first DLC character Max Brass getting the trailer treatment.

A new character trailer for Max Brass has been released on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel, with the trailer showcasing Max Brass’s various abilities and showing off the tough fighter in action.

While Max Brass first appeared in ARMS as one of the final bosses of the Grand Prix mode, this time around players will be able to fully utilize him as a playable character. In the hands of players, Max Brass won’t flinch when he has his arms up and charged and takes an enemy’s hits, while his arms will stay permanently charged whenever his health drops below 20%.

These powers already made him a tough enemy as an NPC, but as a playable character it will be interesting to see just how powerful he really is and what he can do.

ARMS is available now for Nintendo Switch. No release date has been specified yet for Max Brass’ release, but he is expected to arrive in the game sometime later this month.