ARMS Gets a New Video Showcasing Motion Controls

on June 30, 2017 3:34 PM

Nintendo released a new “Movement 101” trailer for its recently released fighting game ARMS today that highlights how players can perform actions within the game with the Joy-Con’s motion controls.

Players start by holding one Joy-Con in each hand. They can punch by “punching” the air, straight-forward enough. One can do throw a left or high hook by turning their fist mid-punch. Players move by tilting the Joy-Cons left and right, and can dash by doing so fast. Jumping requires players to press one of the triggers. Grabbing happens when the Joy-Cons are moved slightly upwards during a punch, and players can guard by turning the Joy-Cons towards each other.

Motion controls aren’t the only way to play the game though, as one can do so either with the Joy-Cons attached to the Switch or on a pro controller or Joy-Con Grip when the Switch is docked. If you are curious about what DualShockers thinks of ARMS, you can check out our review of the game. ARMS also recently got an update which added an Arena mode and LAN support, and its first DLC character, Max Brass, was announced at E3 this year.

You can watch the trailer below. ARMS is currently available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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