ARMS Patch 1.1.0 Adds LAN Support And More

ARMS Patch 1.1.0 Adds LAN Support And More

The new patch for ARMS, which should be available now adds LAN mode, Arena mode, and more!

Today Nintendo released a brand new update for its hit fighting game ARMS.

The most notable feature added is LAN support, which allows players to play locally on two separate consoles, as opposed to using an internet connection. Players can switch (no pun intended) to LAN mode by clicking down on the left stick, and pressing L and R, while on the main menu.

Another noteworthy addition is the inclusion of Arena Mode. This will essentially be a 1v1 mode, however what’s interesting is that other players are able to spectate the match.

Other features of the patch include fixes for certain characters, stages, and on-screen text.

You can check out the patch notes from Nintendo’s Japanese support site below:

  • LAN compatibility implemented.
  • Arena mode added.
  • Fixed a problem allowing Kid Cobra to dash indefinitely.
  • Fixed a problem allowing Byte & Bark to warp across the field.
  • Fixed a problem with Arms like the Chackram not hitting the purple boxes in “Ribbon Ring.2
  • Fixed a problem where ARMS Grand Prix is spelled AMRS Grand Prix.

ARMS is a fighting game with a twist. Each character has a set of elongated arms that allow you to reach across the stage, hitting the other opponent. Each character has a unique style of play which can allow for hilarious and creative combos.

In other ARMS news, during E3 2017, Nintendo revealed a brand new DLC character, as well as an accolades trailer for the fighting game. Last week it was revealed that ARMS had sold the most copies in retail stores in Japan.

ARMS was originally released just a few weeks ago, on June 16th, 2017, and is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. We gave the title an 8.0.