ARMS 2.0 Patch Will Introduce Hedlok Mode and Character Balance Changes

ARMS 2.0 Patch Will Introduce Hedlok Mode and Character Balance Changes

ARMS' upcoming 2.0 patch will arrive not only with a new character, but also the Hedlok Mode and a number of character balance changes.

Since its release last month, ARMS has become one of the breakout hits of the Nintendo Switch’s early lineup thanks to its fun and wacky fighting gameplay, with the title’s next update to introduce even more fun to the well-received fighter.

In a report from Eurogamer, producer Kosuke Yabuki shared a few more details on what to expect from the upcoming 2.0 update that will arrive for ARMS tomorrow, July 12th, that will not only introduce the game’s first DLC character Max Brass, but also implement a brand new mode and some balancing for a few characters on the game’s roster.

Specifically, the new mode will be “Hedlok Mode,” which will allow one player to take control of Hedlok – the game’s ultimate villain in the Grand Prix mode – while the other players work together to try to take him down as quickly (and efficiently) as possible. The Hedlok Mode will not only be available in Versus Mode, but throughout the game’s other multiplayer modes and online.

Along with Hedlok Mode, Yabuki also explained that balance changes will be made to some of the characters in ARMS, and added that given how some fans of titles react negatively towards adjusting (or “nerfing”) certain characters, explained that “the balance adjustments are done in a way not to make any character less good than they are the moment.” While no specific characters were mentioned for balance changes, one of the things that will be addressed by Yabuki will be the tendency  for players to win “using one technique over and over again,” which might reduce the effectiveness of things like throws.

ARMS is available now for Nintendo Switch.