Army Of The Dead: What Are The Zombies With Blue Eyes?

If you have already watched the Army of the Dead movie, you might have noticed that some of the zombies had blue eyes.

Yes, you aren’t the only one who noticed it. But first, a fair warning for those who have not watched the movie yet: spoilers ahead!

This movie is about a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, where a group of mercenaries dare to venture into the quarantine zone to conduct one of the dangerous heists ever.

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Army of the Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix

Army of the Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Mystery Of Blue Eyed Zombies In Army Of The Dead

Blue eyed zombie

Coming back to the big question: Who are the blue-eyed zombies and why did we see only a few of them?

The simplest explanation is the blue-eyed zombies in Army of the Dead aren’t zombies at all. They are actually robots that are living in the zombie kingdom of Las Vegas.

At first, it seems like a fluke that somehow got through post-production. But that’s not the case as Zack Snyder actually confirmed that there will be robot zombies in the movie way before it came out.

He revealed this info during a Q&A about the film hosted by Netflix. Snyder discussed how he wanted to show the evolution of zombies to “becoming something else, not stagnant like the zombies we’re used to.”

Snyder also revealed that he wanted to impart a “weird ambiguity to their origins” which will be explained further in the animated series Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

“If you pay close attention, there’s a number of zombies that are clearly not zombies,” said Snyder. And this is the most crucial piece of evidence which clearly suggests that the blue-eyed zombies in Army of the Dead are actually robots.

You can spot the zombies with blue eyes throughout Army of the Dead. The most obvious one arrives much later in a scene inside the casino where a zombie is shot and the skin on his face flies off revealing a robot underneath that looks like Terminator.

Purpose Of Blue Eyed Zombies In Army Of The Dead

While there are no clues in the movies suggesting the purpose of robot zombies with blue eyes, but there are some in Snyder’s conversation from the Q&A. He said there are normal zombies and some robot zombies in Army of the Dead.

While he didn’t confirm any of it, Snyder suggested that the robot zombie could have been placed by the government among the actual zombies for monitoring purposes. He even hinted that the robot zombies could be technology from the outer world — suggesting the involvement of aliens.

We suspect that it could be either or both. But to learn more about the blue eyes and robot zombies, we will have to wait for the prequel of Army of the Dead which is rumored release by the end of this year.

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