ArtCraft Announce New MMO Titled Crowfall

ArtCraft Announce New MMO Titled Crowfall

A new MMO named Crowfall was unveiled today, by the developers behind games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ultima Online and Star Wars: Galaxies.

The studio, ArtCraft, raised eyebrows by revealing a website named Play2Crush – where it spoke a very cryptic message about the way video games are made in industry with no details or hints about what was to come. J. Todd Coleman, CEO and Producer explained more:

A few weeks ago, we put up a sign-up page for Crowfall at Play2Crush was a statement of purpose – more manifesto than teaser. Without providing a single screenshot or even naming the game, the site has already collected 10,000 registrations. We are blown away by the response.  We clearly struck a nerve.


Coleman went on to talk about details:

Between now and late February – when all of the details of the game will be revealed – we’re going to be playing a game called rampant speculation. We’ll be dropping hints, screenshots, images, videos, storylines…painting a picture in broad strokes. We’ll see how long it takes our fans to figure out what it means, and how it works.


The studio is looking for their target audience but they realise that Crowfall may not be to everyones taste. Gordon Walton, ArtCraft President and executive producer said:

Crowfall isn’t a game for everyone. It’s for players who are looking for a more immersive, more visceral experience. The early response was fantastic, but we still expect to build this community one player at a time.

If you are a big MMO fan – I highly suggest keeping your eyes on Crowfall in the months to come, things are starting to get interesting. Head over to the official site to join the community.