Fan Art Shows Robert Pattinson's Batman with Willem Dafoe as Joker

Potential The Batman sequel?

By Jo Craig

July 13, 2021

Robert Pattinson is due to carry the Batman mantle next year in Matt Reeves’ moody adaptation of the Caped Crusader and Gotham City’s finest criminals.

The Tenet actor was a first-class choice to play a younger, more troubled Bruce Wayne, who will mingle with Paul Dano’s The Riddler, Colin Farrell’s The Penguin and Zoë Kravitz’ Catwoman.

One villain noticeably missing from Reeves’ rogue’s gallery is Joker, but this artist has imagined a popular actor standing opposite Pattinson dressed in a purple suit.

The Batman – DC FanDome Teaser – Warner Bros. UK

The Batman – DC FanDome Teaser – Warner Bros. UK

Willem Dafoe is the Joker

The fan art illustrates Pattinson standing in his full vigilante suit but without his cowl, towering over who is meant to be Willem Dafoe as the Joker.

The Clown Prince of Crime is sporting short green hair, similar to Mark Hamill’s variant from Batman: The Animated Series, equipped with the character’s purple suit and white gloves.

Dafoe’s Joker is also holding a revolver underneath Batman’s chin, which is somewhat symbolic. The Caped Crusader’s bat symbol on the chest of his suit is supposed to be made from the gun that killed his parents, at the hand of the Joker.

Willem Dafoe has been fan cast as the Joker many times before, particularly for his wide grin and villainous eyes.

The contrast of a younger Bruce Wayne, just beginning his life of crime fighting, against a much older Joker would be an interesting dynamic to bring into the DCEU. It could even be a potential narrative choice for Reeves’ sequel.

Meet the Artist

The Batman fan art is designed by hobby artist Columbo, known as ‘thisuserisalive’ on Instagram.

Columbo has illustrated many pieces from all corners of pop culture, including anime, DC and Star Wars.

As well as character concept art, Columbo also illustrates fan fiction-type scenarios, by adding dialogue to some of their pieces.

Columbo has even illustrated alternative poses of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, from the 2019 Todd Phillips feature.

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