Nintendo Artist Hand-Draws an Entire Super Mario Bros Level Using Flipbook Animation

Nintendo Artist Hand-Draws an Entire Super Mario Bros Level Using Flipbook Animation

Japanese artist Kisaragi Hutae has created a wonderful stop-motion animation which brings the world 1-1 level from the 1985 Super Mario Bros game onto paper in a unique and interesting way

Don’t you just love it when you come across people on the internet that ooze talent? Well, I don’t because it makes me feel completely hopeless as I live in my unskilled, pathetic world but instead of being bitter and crying into my cornflakes, I write an article about them in the hopes that maybe some of it will rub off onto me (then silently curse them under my breath later and maybe make a voodoo doll)

Jokes aside, an incredibly adept artist from Japan named Kisaragi Hutae has created an entire Super Mario Bros stop-motion animation level from the original title for the NES in 1985 with basically just their notepad and pen. In the short clip, we can see Mario running and jumping about – as Mario does so well – while he accumulates all the mushrooms he can get his little drawn hands on. Mario can also be seen hopping on Goombas and smashing through blocks.


As the video plays, you can see the pages of the notebook flicker as they are quickly being turned by the hands of Kisaragi and all the sounds of what you can expect from a Super Mario game are all brilliantly timed. Kisaragi Hutae made a post on Twitter to show how they went about making the flipbook animation that included separate hand-drawn characters and cut-outs.

This particular animation portrays the World 1-1 level which was the first Super Mario game first created in 1985 and the design for every 2D Mario game that would follow it. Kisaragi has stated that it only took them 17 hours to complete the amazing stop-motion animation in bringing the classic video game to life, in turn, ushering in the old-style 2D computer graphics into the modern world via pen and paper in a very unique and creative way.

It definitely gives Paper Mario a whole new meaning.

Apparently, this isn’t the only undertaking Kisaragi has created. In the past, they have constructed a scene from Pokemon: Red, Tetris, and Pac-man using only beads or felt which can be viewed on their YouTube channel. There are no limits to Kisaragi’s imagination, that’s for sure.