Artist Rachel Weiss Draws Up Rock Band in Hades Fan Art

Artist Rachel Weiss Draws Up Rock Band in Hades Fan Art

Hades fan art gets a lot more punk-rock.

Hades has been a smash hit for gamers ever since it went live on early access in 2018 and then officially launched earlier this year. Cosplayers and fan artists, however, have had a field day with the game because of it’s well designed and, frankly, super hot characters. Adding to the pantheon of Hades fan art, Rachel Weiss put her own spin on the game’s first boss/bosses, the Furies.

In an image posted to her Twitter account, Weiss shows off her interpretation of “Dusa and the Furies,” a rock band consisting of, well, Dusa and the Furies with Dusa helming the mic and the Fury sisters being her backing band. It’s really cool, take a look:

The fan art captures the individual personalities of each character extremely well. Weiss jokingly clarifies in an additional tweet that, “Meg plays her guitar upside down because Hendrix did it, and definitely not because I forgot how guitars work.”

Hades fan art and cosplay have been saturating our Twitter feeds here at DualShockers, so if you’re looking for more, make sure to take a look at this incredible Zagreus cosplay as well as this stunning digital painting.

Along with games such as The Last of Us Part II and Final Fantasy VII RemakeHades has been nominated for multiple awards at this year’s Game Awards including “Game of the Year.” It’s one of the DualShockers’ “Definitive Switch Titles” and is set to be on many of our writers’ Game of the Year lists.

For more of Rachel Weiss’s work, you can find her comics and designs on her website here or you can check out her other comic art at POME Magazine right here. For more Hades, take a look at this article on this behind the scenes video featuring the voice cast of the game.