As Fall Guys Lore Continues to Be Fleshed Out, I Continue to be Freaked Out

As Fall Guys Lore Continues to Be Fleshed Out, I Continue to be Freaked Out

Fall Guys lore has gotten too deep and I think I want out.

In the last update to the Fall Guys lore book, we learned that the titular Fall Guys stand at a whopping 6 feet tall (that’s 183 cm for our metric system using readers.) That was all I needed to know about Fall Guys‘ lore for me to decide that perhaps we should keep the genie in that particular bottle. The official Fall Guys Twitter account had other ideas, however.

In a tweet last night, the account posted these images and I still see it staring at me every time I close my eyes:

According to the tweet, the image is canonical and I’m not really sure what to do about it. It’s unsettling for so many reasons: the space between bones in its hands, the ostrich-like neck shape, the fact that the knees are inside its torso, but the most upsetting feature is the eyes. What’s wrong with its eyes? Why are they like that? Why does it have a human skull if it doesn’t have a human head?

The Fall Guys lore that the Twitter account has been posting has divided the development team according to another recent tweet. According to the tweet, the anatomy of the Fall Guy is up for debate within Mediatonic, so they posted another anatomical image created by another concept artist to try and debunk the first, more horrifying one:

In addition to debating the bone structure (or lack thereof), the size of the Fall Guy is also up for debate. Prinicipal concept artist for Fall Guys Ash Kerins argues that instead of being 6 feet tall, they’re knee height to the average sized human.

It’s unclear when a final official verdict will come for the anatomy of the Fall Guy. Right now as it stands, I’m in the Ash Kerins camp of Fall Guys lore which sees the Fall Guys as cute jelly beans that are full of joy and not horrible ostrich monsters. Don’t even get me started on what the twitter account canonically confirmed happens to the Fall Guys when they fall off their platforms.

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