Ashen Multiplayer Fully Functional After PC Connectivity Issues

Ashen's multiplayer connectivity issues should now be resolved for players on PC as developer A44 Games has released an update to fix the hiccup.

Developer A44 Games has announced that any and all issues surrounding multiplayer in its newest release, Ashen, should be resolved with an update released on the Epic Games Store.

Issues were acknowledged by the developer in the evening of Monday, December 10 in a tweet that stated, “We’re continuing to work with Epic on multiplayer issues affecting PC players. We really appreciate the support our community have shown since launch and want to get a fix to you as soon as possible.” An update was released yesterday evening, with the developer confirming today that multiplayer is now fully functional on both PC and Xbox One. A44 Games also advises players who still run into issues make sure to launch the game via the Epic Games Store, as the matchmaking in-game is “tightly coupled with their server tech.”

The Epic Games Store released alongside Ashen in a surprise announcement made at The Game Awards. Both the storefront and the game were known about previously but had no release date until it was revealed both, as well as Hades, Supergiant Games’ newest game, would be launching that night. Ashen has been described as a Souls-like with a greater emphases on cooperative play with either an AI buddy or another human player. Connecting with another player can be accomplished as soon as the first quest, “Hammer and Spark,” are completed and you have founded the town Vagrant’s Rest. Players will need to be outside the town, which is a single-player area, and be roughly around the same point in the game, best indicated by bosses defeated. Further details on how the multiplayer works can be found in A44 Games’ FAQ.

Ashen is currently only available on Xbox One and PC, though those who are subscribed to the Xbox Games Pass can play the game for free as part of that subscription. Epic’s Game Store is a new digital storefront that will be offering a free game every two weeks and currently has exclusivity deals with Super Meat Boy Forever, Maneater, and Hades.

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