Ashes of Creation Gets Gorgeous Trailer Showing Freeholds Housing System

Ashes of Creation Gets Gorgeous Trailer Showing Freeholds Housing System

Intrepid Studios showcases the Freeholds feature of Ashes of Creation, giving a taste of its advanced housing feature.

The good folks at Intrepid Studios released a new trailer of their upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation, that has been definitely successful on KickStarter.

While at first sight one could think that we’re just looking at the game’s gorgeous environment, there is much more to the video, as it shows Ashes of Creation‘s Freeholds.

A Freehold is a piece of property that can be built by players anywhere within a node’s zone of influence in the open world, and they go quite a lot beyond the usual housing. They can include things like inns, taverns, forges, smelters, lumber yards, mills, stables and much more.

Creating a freehold also grants citizenship for a node, and larger nodes can include more freeholds. Only nodes of stage 3 and upwards can play host to freeholds, which means that in-game villages will have player-owned estates around their perimeter to spice up things a bit.

The look of freeholds varies by race, and the ones shown in the video belong to the Kaelar (human) and Empyrean (elf) races. It’s quite easy to see the difference.

On top of this, of course, we also get a further look on the game’s beautiful visuals, with plenty of chances to get surprised of the fact that all of this is being achieved by a small team.

You can check out the video for yourself below, and if you want to see more, you can enjoy another trailer showing the Monster Coin feature, and one featuring one of the starting areas.

Ashes of Creation recently passed $2,000,000 in crowd funding on Kickstarter, but it isn’t stopping there. It’s already comfortably sitting on $2,486,657 pledged by 14,003 backers.