Ashes of Creation Gets New Trailer Showing Gorgeous Environments

Ashes of Creation Gets New Trailer Showing Gorgeous Environments

Intrepid Studios showcases some of the environments of Ashes of Creation, and they look gorgeous.

Today Intrepid Studios released a new trailer of its upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation.

A pre-alpha version of the game will be playable at PAX West in September, and today’s trailer shows exactly that, with multiple absolutely beautiful environments for attendees to enjoy.

Ashes of Creation is an open world MMORPG promising an ever-changing world via player-driven economy and settlements, somewhat reminiscent of the ideas that we saw in the now defunct EverQuest Next project.

It appears to be certainly an ambitious game, and it was funded on Kickstarter, gathering a whopping $3,271,809 pledged by 19,576 backers. The team launched the campaign with a solid prototype to show, and this demonstrated that while miracle Kickstarters like the one of the initial pioneering years are quite rare nowadays, coming to it with something tangible to show goes a long way to be successful. The folks at Intrepid asked only fora $750,000 goal, but more than quadrupled it, unlocking every single stretch goal.

You can check out the trailer below, and if you want to see more, you can watch a beautiful gameplay video showing different seasons, a trailer showcasing the freehold settlements and more gameplay giving a look on playable monsters.

The game has an estimated release on PC in December 2018.