Aspect of Influence Guide – Unlock the Destiny 2 Stasis Aspect

Aspect of Influence Guide – Unlock the Destiny 2 Stasis Aspect

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen introduces a new Aspect for each Stasis subclass - follow this guide to learn everything you need to know.

The new Destiny 2 Season — Season of the Chosen — is now in session. With it, a whole slew of changes, including new exotics, two previously vaulted strikes (and one new strike), loot from Trials of Osiris, and more. One of the iciest new changes is a brand-new Aspect for the Stasis subclass, called the Aspect of Influence. Here’s everything you need to know to unlock it.

How to Unlock the Aspect of Influence in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

In order to earn the Aspect of Influence and accompanying Stasis Turret in Destiny 2, you’ll already need to have done a few things:

  • Purchase the Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion pack.
  • Complete the Beyond Light main campaign.
  • Complete The Stasis Prototype and earn Salvation’s Grip.
  • Get all of the prior Stasis Aspects from the Exo Stranger.

Once you’ve satisfied all of these requirements, you can then go hunting for the new Aspect of Influence and grab the Stasis Turret while you’re at it.


You’ll start your hunt at the Exo Stranger in Europa, who gives you the titular quest ‘Aspect of Influence’. From there, jump back to your map and travel directly to the Wall of Infinitude.

You’ll want to follow along the main path for a while until you reach the first Entropic Shard, which looks like a little floating beacon and is clearly marked on your HUD. Equip Salvation’s Grip and shoot at each Entropic Shard you come across.

Once you arrive at the last Entropic Shard and shoot that, you’ll have to fend off a wave of enemies. When that’s done, you’ll be notified about the Heroic Exo Challenge which you will complete next. For now, it’s back to your map and straight over to Simulation: Safeguard Heroic.

There, you’ll have to fight waves of Vex enemies while defending a grid of ‘Simulated Ziggurat Platforms’. Basically, keep enemies away from those red crystals floating above the central platform.

After a few waves have passed, you’ll then fight the Simulated Gate Lord boss while continuing to hold a defensive line. Make sure to quickly take out the Overload Minotaur adds that spawn to maintain control over the situation.

After you’ve finished off the boss, head back to the platform and grab the treasure chest. This will activate the next step in your quest log, so open your map and travel back to ‘Aspect of Influence’. Once here, simply walk up the steps and step on the platform. You’ll be transported to a long hallway; follow it all the way to the end and claim your new Aspect!

And that’s everything you need to know about earning the Aspect of Influence in Destiny 2. While you’re here, take a peek at our guide on how to obtain the new Ticuu’s Divination exotic.