Assassin’s Creed III Gets Three Collector’s Editions

Assassin’s Creed III Gets Three Collector’s Editions

Nowadays every big game is getting the fancy shmancy collector’s edition treatment. So, how exactly does a developer make their game extra special when everyone and their mother has a CE? By releasing three of them. That’s right; Assassin’s Creed III will have three different CEs available, in addition to the standard edition. The most valuable of them appears to be the ‘Freedom Edition’. This lavish bundle includes: a cool lithograph, a 24 cm figure of protagonist Connor, gorgeous Steelbook packaging (courtesy of Alex Ross) and George Washington’s Notebook, which apparently contains secret documents about the Assasins and Templars.

More details await you behind the break. 

In addition to all these premium physical goodies, the Freedom Edition will also include the “Lost Mayan Ruins” and “Ghost of War” single player missions, as well as a sniper multiplayer pack which includes: A relic, an emblem, a picture, a new character, a special caption and a special photo.

The slightly less lavish ‘Join or Die’ edition of ACIII will include: special packaging, a high quality Medallion of the Assasins, George Washington’s Notebook, the “Ghost of War” single player mission and the sniper multiplayer pack. The basic CE will include special packaging and the exclusive single player mission “A Dangerous Secret”. No pricing or availability details have been released for either of these CEs yet, but I’m betting that Freedom Edition is going to be pre-order only.

Assassin’s Creed III will be available on PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and Wii U on October 30th.