Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gets Minor Patch to Fix Bugs

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Gets Minor Patch to Fix Bugs

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has been out for exactly two months and Ubisoft is returning to patch up a few things for the Jack the Ripper DLC. According to the official UbiBlog, the PC and console versions of the game is getting a 150-440 MB update with the following fixes:

For PC, download size varies by platform

  • UPlay – 440 MB approx
  • Steam – 180 MB approx

• Added DLC Jack The Ripper support
• Added additional parameter to AC.ini for disabling cloth motion 30FPS limits
• Fixed crash in multi-monitor mode in London
• Fixed FXAA with enabled MSAA
• Fixed changing of display in fullscreen mode issues
• Fixed flickering panel in World Map
• Fixed various render issues
• Fixed several online issues
• Minor UI improvements


· Fixed a display issue with add-on price for the Season Pass owners
· Fixed an issue where sometimes The Ubisoft Club Rewards couldn’t be equipped right after redeeming them


· Fixed an issue in the Gang War activity where enemy NPCs would sometimes disappear after eliminating the gang leader

Game System

· Fixed an issue where it was sometimes possible to switch gear when the player was not supposed to
· Fixed an issue where switching characters could cause two instances of Evie to appear


· Fixed an issue where the “Letter from the Front“ collectibles would not appear on the minimap
· Fixed an issue with the brightness of the map in the “Strange Bed fellows” mission
· Fixed some collisions and navigation issues
· Fixed some icons issues
· Fixed an issue where the Kenway flag model would not appear after obtaining it


· Fixed an issue where, in some cases, the player would not always play his hurt animation


· Fixed an issue with ally stations that sometimes prevented the player from hiring them
· Fixed an issue in the “Change of Plans” mission where the gate from the sewers could be locked, thus blocking the player’s progression


· Fixed some issues with the player’s animations
· Fixed some issues where the player could get stuck in specific places
· Fixed an issue in the “Darwin kidnapping” mission where, in some cases, the player could not carry him anymore


· Improved performance and stability

While these patches are by no means spectacular, it is hard to gripe over a smoother game experience. Without a doubt, those getting the game for Christmas will be getting the best Syndicate experience the title has to offer.