Assassins Creed Unity is Getting Reverse Review Bombed

Assassins Creed Unity is Getting Reverse Review Bombed

Assassins Creed Unity has received an influx of positive reviews after all the good Ubisoft has done since the Notre Dame tragedy.

By now, most people are aware of what review bombing is. However, for those who are not aware, review bombing is when a massive amount of people take to Steam or another site that is open to public reviews to express their displeasure with the game or series. We have seen this just recently with the announcement of Borderlands 3 being a timed exclusive to the Epic Store on PC. While the tactic was unsuccessful and actually boosted sales and play sessions of previous Borderlands titles, fans definitely let their opinion be heard. Now, are seeing sort of the same thing, just in reverse.

As noted by Game Informer, after the Notre Dame fire, Ubisoft announced that they would be giving Assassins Creed Unity away for free since the game takes place during the French revolution and heavily features the church. In fact, Ubisoft has been discussing with its data of the interior to help reconstruct the church as well as make a €500,000 donation.

With all of the good Ubisoft has been doing to help with the situation or bring awareness to it, fans have taken to Steam to leave some posited reviews. One review states: “I hope this game will be able to help the repairation [sic] of Notre-Dame de Paris.. Although its not a good game for everybody (seems like) but Ubisoft paid much efforts on this.” Another states: “I played the game after Ubisoft had fixed all its issues. That being said the positivity brought by this game in light of the tragic event with the Notre Dame cathedral, makes me proud to have played this game.”

It is reassuring to see some good done in the video game community. Many days, we are left complaining about exclusives, microtransactions, and other gaming tropes, but for fans to recognize the good Ubisoft has done to help with the Notre Dame fire is nice.

Imran Khan from Game Informer also had a fascinating tidbit I didn’t think about. Valve recently introduced its new review policy that combats review bombings and categorizes anomalous reviews that do not have anything to do with the quality of the game. However, it is unclear if this will affect positive reviews.