Assault Gunners HD Edition Trophy List Revealed [SPOILERS]

Assault Gunners HD Edition Trophy List Revealed [SPOILERS]

Assault Gunners HD Edition's full list of trophies have been revealed eleven days ahead of its official launch and includes the rarity of each trophy.

With Assault Gunners HD Edition less than two weeks away from launch, players anxious to get their hands on the sci-fi action title can now begin strategizing on how to obtain all the trophies that will be included in the game.

Over at PSNProfiles, the website has provided a full rundown of each trophy, this includes a description of how to earn it as well as the rarity of each individual trophy. According to the list, Assault Gunners HD Edition‘s base game features 48 trophies (1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 8 Silver, and 36 Bronze). While its three DLC expansions combined offer an additional 28 trophies (6 Silver and 22 Bronze), of course, obtaining the additional trophies from the expansions is not required to receive the Platinum trophy.

When examining the vanilla game, 35 of the 76 trophies are easy to acquire as players can unlock them by completing the 35 missions available in the game. Other activities players will need to do to unlock certain trophies include reaching a specific level, destroying a certain number of enemies with a one laser beam, and replacing your mech parts. From what I can see it does not seem like an extremely difficult game to platinum.

You can check out a full rundown of all the trophies available in the vanilla game will be provided below this article. For more information on the game, check out some new screenshots, which were released yesterday.

Assault Gunners HD Edition is set to be released on March 20 for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

Name Description Trophy
Mission to Mars Get all Bronze, Silver, and Gold Trophies Platinum
Welcome to Mars Display Main Menu Bronze
Space Cavalry Clear Mission 1 Bronze
One Squad Clear Mission 2 Bronze
Red Earth Clear Mission 3 Bronze
Grand Canyon of Mars Clear Mission 4 Bronze
Deserted City Clear Mission 5 Bronze
Ghost of Mars Clear Mission 6 Bronze
Underpass Clear Mission 7 Bronze
300 Seconds Clear Mission 8 Bronze
Sub-zero Battle Clear Mission 9 Bronze
Land of Slaughter Clear Mission 10 Bronze
Hot Air Clear Mission 11 Bronze
Ghost Clear Mission 12 Bronze
Gateway Clear Mission 13 Bronze
Unfamiliar Clear Mission 14 Bronze
Escape Clear Mission 15 Bronze
Sea of Hot Sand Clear Mission 16 Bronze
1% Probability Clear Mission 17 Bronze
Wall Clear Mission 18 Bronze
Countdown Clear Mission 19 Bronze
Ghost Ship Clear Mission 20 Bronze
Rare Metal Box Clear Mission 21 Bronze
Going Underground Clear Mission 22 Bronze
Source Code Clear Mission 23 Bronze
For Eternity Clear Mission 24 Silver
Plan Clear Mission 25 Bronze
Phase 6 Clear Mission 26 Bronze
Memory Clear Mission 27 Bronze
Unattributed Clear Mission 28 Bronze
Selection Clear Mission 29 Bronze
Raging Sea Clear Mission 30 Bronze
Defense Line Clear Mission 31 Silver
Apocalypse Clear Mission 32 Silver
Final War Clear Mission 33 Silver
Dilemma Clear Mission 34 Gold
Last Fight Clear Mission 35 Gold
First Assembly Replace Parts Bronze
Parts Collector Get 50 Different Parts Silver
Rookie Get to LVL 2 Bronze
Battlefield Wolf Clear a Single-Player Mission Solo Silver
Sampler Destroy 10 Enemies with 1 Laser Beam Gold
Research Assistant Raise Part’s Level for the First Time Bronze
The Great Researcher Get 1 Part to Max LVL Silver
Battle Mech Mania Clear with all 3 Battle Mechs Surviving Bronze
My Secret Base Enter Hidden Room in Mission 4 Silver
Triple Kill! Defeat 3 Enemies with 1 Cannon/Grenade Bronze
Mighty Machine Destroy 100 Enemies with Each Type of Arms Bronze