Stylish Action Game Assault Spy Hits Steam Early Access Today

Stylish Action Game Assault Spy Hits Steam Early Access Today

Assault Spy, the first Early Access title from publisher NIS America, finally hit Steam Early Access on PC today with a stylish gameplay trailer.

NIS America announced Assault Spy, a stylish action game for PC, back in February. The publisher promised then that Assault Spy would be coming to Steam Early Access sometime in May, and it finally hit the service today.

For those of you who don’t know, Assault Spy follows Asaru, a corporate spy who is working to tak down an evil corporation called Negabot. This results in a series of action packed fights where players will be destroying robots, dodging bullets, and stringing together flashy combos. Players will also be able to control Amelia, a CIA agent with her own unique story.

Assault Spy is actually the first Early Access game for publisher NIS America. According to the game’s Steam page, hey decided to go with Early Access to in order to increase the game’s notoriety and garner feedback from players as they craft this technical action game. That being said, they do expect to exit Early Access sometime in Fall 2018. Assault Spy currently costs $19.99, but its price will increase after launch.

You can check out the Early Access launch trailer for the game below. Assault Spy is currently available on PC via Early Access, but is set to officially launch sometime this fall.