Assault Spy Gets New Fast-Paced Trailer and Update on Steam

Assault Spy Gets New Fast-Paced Trailer and Update on Steam

Assault Spy gets a new action-filled trailer showing Asaru in action and an update on Steam with new screenshots from the game.

Yesterday, NIS America posted a trailer showing off some of the action in Assault Spy.  Indie developer Wazen announced the stylish action game earlier this year, and it was made available in Early Access on Steam back in May.

The trailer shows plenty of fast-paced gameplay action as it follows Asaru taking down enemy robots while dressed in his sharp business attire and holding onto his briefcase.

Assault Spy got another update today on Steam with some new screenshots. Some of the updates include a new Executive Area where the terrorists behind the corporate take-over in the game have been hiding.  While the enemies have not yet been created, there are some place-holders for players to battle. An epilogue has also been added. Once the final boss is defeated, a cutscene will play and a “clear game flag” will be added to players’ save file. They will then be returned to the main menu and can start the game over again from the prologue. There is also now an option to skip cutscenes.

You can check out the trailer of Asaru in action and some of the update screenshots below. Assualt Spy is currently available in Early Access on Steam for PC, and it is set to officially launch sometime this fall. If you grab it before July 5th, you’ll receive a 25% discount from Steam’s Summer Sale.