Astral Chain’s New Artwork is Incredibly Stylish

Astral Chain’s New Artwork is Incredibly Stylish

Get a look at some new artwork from the upcoming action title Astral Chain.

Even though PlatinumGames’ latest action title Astral Chain is set to drop at the end of this summer, we still haven’t seen a whole lot of the game since its official announcement. Luckily, as shared by Nintendo today, new artwork has now arrived to hopefully satiate your appetite just a bit.

Released over on Nintendo’s official Twitter account, the new Astral Chain artwork show’s off some of the game’s characters in addition to a few of the environments from the world in the background. We also get confirmation that the title will be included as part of Nintendo’s new Game Voucher program which was just announced a few days back.

I think the thing I like the most about what we’ve seen of Astral Chain is just how vivid it is. The color palette that is on display in this game really pops incredibly well. While past Platinum titles like Bayonetta and Nier: Automata have had some cool visuals and designs of their own, I personally prefer what I’ve seen from Astral Chain so far compared to some of the studio’s past work.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the new artwork for the game down in the comments. I expect that we’ll be seeing more of Astral Chain in the coming month as we approach Nintendo’s presentation at E3 2019.

Until that time, Astral Chain is set to release on August 30, exclusively for Switch.