Astral Chain's Latest Trailer Shows Players Everything They Need to Know About the Game

Learn everything you need to know about PlatinumGame's upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral Chain with this new trailer.

In just over a month, Nintendo and PlatinumGames will be releasing Astral Chain exclusively for Nintendo Switch, so Nintendo wants to let players know more about this game. Today, a lengthy 9 and a half minute trailer for the game was released that covers everything from the game’s premise to Astral Chain’s unique fighting system.

From the start, the video introduces players to Astral Chain’s world. Players control a member of Neuron, a special police task force that task players with fighting mysterious Chimera creatures that are invading the Ark, which is one of humanity’s last bastions. Players fight these Chimera with the help of Legions, or living weapons that are connected to the player via a device called the Legatus.

The video then delves into combat, which we all know is PlatinumGames’ specialty. In addition the baton that can be used to hit enemies or turned into a gun to shoot them. If players need more help when fighting, they can summon various Legions to help them. These include the Sword Legion, which is good for closed ranged combat, the Arrow Legion, which fights from a distance with a bow and arrow, the Arm Legion, which gets right in there and punches the Chimera, the Beast Legion, which is more animalistic in both design and combat style, and the Axe Legion, which is a heavy hitter that can also summon a shield.

The Legion will fight enemies on its own, but various “chain actions” can also be used, like a chain bind to restrict enemies or a chain counter to sent enemies flying. Sync attacks that deal a ton of damage can also be pulled off if players time their attack with a blue flash on screen. Each of the aforementioned Legions also has special abilities that the trailer highlights. Overall, Astral Chain seems to contain the same combo based action gameplay we all know and love from PlatinumGames, it’s just embellished by the Legion, which players can use until a gauge on screen depletes.

You can check out the full trailer, which also touches on some of the RPG and explorations features, below. Astral Chain launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 30, 2019 and you can pre-order it right now on Amazon.

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