Astral Chain Lead Composer Shares Samples of the Soundtrack

The lead composer for upcoming title Astral Chain explains his system for composing its music, as well as giving us some track samples.

Astral Chain lead composer Satoshi Igarashi covers the music and sound design of the upcoming new IP from PlatinumGames in a new developer’s blog post. He first discusses the composition of each piece of music in the game and how he balances those attributes.

At its core, the music in Astral Chain is made up of elements from three genres: Metal, electronic and orchestral music. Each of these genres plays a distinct role in matching the music to the mood of a scene. Picture them on a chart like this:

On this chart, as you go right towards more dramatic scenes, you find the orchestral pieces. And the higher the tension in a scene, the more metal the music becomes. For example, in quiet areas where there aren’t any enemies around, the music should be cool and peaceful – there, you’ll find an electronic piece.

He then even features some samples of the various tracks from the game to better demonstrate its musical variety, as well as breaking down each main instrument and how it relates to and creates a overall theme for the story:

The tracks Igarashi shares in the dev blog are not only composed based on the system conveyed in the second chart above, but also receive a categorization based on what role it plays in the game proper:

  • “Task Force Neuron” — This is typical background music, so it falls under “Stage.”
  • “Ark Mall” — The non-combat version is also a “Stage” piece.
  • “Ark Mall (Combat Phase)” — Higher tension, but not a boss fight? You’ve got a “Normal Battle.”
  • “Homunculus α” — This is a quintessential “Boss Battle.”
  • [REDACTED] (because the title is a story spoiler) is high on story stakes and drama, so “Event Battle” is the best category for it. However, it’s a bit of an exception for the reasons that [he] mentioned, with strong metal elements as well.

You can read up on the blog post and check out the excellent music here.

Astral Chain‘s protagonists are part of a police force named Neuron. This means that not only must players deal with Chimera-related incidents, but you also need to do actual police work.  The protagonist can control five different Legion with each one having their own specifications. There’s also a beginners’ mode and activating this mode allows players to automatize various actions, making gameplay much easier.

Astral Chain isn’t the first part of a trilogy unlike what was recently reported, as that turned out be an error on IGN’s part. There’s the full trailer, which touches on some of the RPG and explorations features, and a reveal of the game’s box art and size. Astral Chain launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on August 30th and you can preorder it right now on Amazon.

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