Astral Chain Gets New Trailer Revealing More Worldbuilding and New Mechanics

Astral Chain Gets New Trailer Revealing More Worldbuilding and New Mechanics

Nintendo published a ten-minute trailer for Astral Chain revealing more about Platinum Games' next work.

Nintendo published a new lengthy trailer for Astral Chain, explaining the game’s story and battle system.

The trailer starts by explaining the Neuron, the police-like organization the protagonist and their sibling is part of. This part is narrated by Neuron’s operator Olive Espinosa, who is voiced by Azumi Waki. She explains how humanity is on the brink of destruction, facing the threat of the Chimera. These invaders from another world turn people into monsters and try to suck in the real world into theirs. The only place still under control of humanity is the artificial island Ark, which Neuron protects.

Next, we get a closer look at Astral Chain‘s battle system, explained by Neuron captain Maximilian Howard, voiced by Kenta Miyake. Most of what he explains was already seen during the E3 2019 treehouse first and second stream, but some new mechanics are introduced as well. We’ve got the Chain Trap which bounces back enemies like a wrestling ring’s ropes if they’re caught between the protagonist and their Legion. Ordering your Legion at the same time as the blue light appears also trigger powerful Synchro attacks. This trigger can occur at various moments, including during a combo, dodging or right after summoning a Legion.


Next, the five types of Legions are introduced. The Sword legion suited for CQC, the Arrow Legion suited for long-range attacks, the Arm Legion suited for medium -range attacks, the Beast Legion suited for speedy attacks, and the Axe Legion suited for defense and counters. Each Legion has its own skill tree to level up too, allowing for different playing styles and strategies. The new visual above showing all five Legions was published as well.

Lastly, Astral Chain‘s regular police work is also introduced, such as leading investigations. Each Legion’s abilities can help as well, such as having the Beast Legion track something by scent as a police dog would.

Astral Chain launches worldwide on August 30 and is actually playable in co-op too.