Astral Chain Has Plenty of Different Gameplays, Including Actual Police Officer Work

Astral Chain Has Plenty of Different Gameplays, Including Actual Police Officer Work

Astral Chain got new Gameplay on Nintendo Treehouse Live, showing the very beginning of the game and an early mission.

Nintendo featured Astral Chain on the first day of its E3 2019 Treehouse stream. We got to see part of the beginning of the game, including the character customization screen. We’ve also seen a mission happening slightly later on, and how the game has actual detective work to do. As the characters in Astral Chain are part of the police, they need to maintain order, investigate incidents and stop the Chimera monsters from abducting civilians.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything we learned with this new gameplay sequences:

Astral Chain is a 3rd person action game, typical of Platinum Games’ work, but it has plenty of completely different gameplay sequences. This isn’t surprising and reminiscent of Bayonetta, as Astral Chain is directed by Takahisa Taura and supervised by Hideki Kamiya.

Astral Chain‘s initial concept is an action game where “players control 2 characters at the same time”. Using the Legion, controlled by the main character, you can execute twin combos or even chain down enemies by circling the Legion’s chain around them. You unlock more weapons for the protagonist and more Legions to control as you progress through the game.

Attacking enemies from behind nets critical damage, displayed in yellow, so the best strategy is luring the enemy so you can attack their backs with either the protagonist or the Legion.

We already knew Astral Chain‘s main characters are brother and sister, but the sibling we didn’t pick at the beginning will still appear in the story and sometimes fight alongside us.

As part of a police force, the game has a fully explorable police headquarters, with places such as a training room to hone our skills and combos. Players will also need to investigate incidents by searching for clues, questioning or eavesdropping on NPCs, and replay security camera footage with holograms.

There are toilets hidden in the game, you can quickly rush in to solve the case you’re on, or explore everything to try and find them for bonuses.

You can watch the whole gameplay sequence below, along with a short battle gameplay video. More Astral Chain should be shown in upcoming Treehouse streams. You can preorder Astral Chain on Amazon before its release on Switch on August 30.

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