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February 19, 2021

For the past few months, I’ve been using the Astro A20 Headset for review. I’ve concluded that this headset is a perfect blend of convenience, comfort, and quality at a reasonable price point.

Coming in at $119.99, the A20 Wireless Headset prices itself in the mid-tier range for gaming headsets. With a range of nearly 50 feet and a full charge lasting around 15 hours, this headset is perfect for long gaming sessions on your favorite couch or chair. Of course, the range will also be dependent on the walls and makeup of your abode, but you still should be able to get relatively far from either your console or PC before the connection starts to drop. 


Setup is an absolute breeze requiring new users to simply plug in the included USB dongle to the specific console or PC, pair your headset, and you are off to the races. When you swap from the console to the PC, all you have to do is press a small button on the USB adapter to switch it into the correct mode. A little light will indicate which mode it is, glowing white-ish yellow when in PC mode or green/blue when in console mode, depending on the platform.

In particular, the range really impressed me. I could very easily continue running my Dungeons and Dragons campaign while leaving my computer to hit up my fridge or cabinets to replenish my beverage with no loss in clarity. Being able to pour myself another bourbon while hearing the players’ terrified voices as I told them about the demon werewolves that just surprised them was worth the price tag alone.

While no audio expert, I was impressed with how well the A20 sounded, particularly when playing on my PlayStation 5 or Series X.

While no audio expert, I was impressed with how well the A20 sounded, particularly when playing on my PlayStation 5 or Series X. I could easily tell the direction a sound was coming from, and the bass and music all sounded fantastic. A wheel on the side of the headset allows you also to adjust the volume of the game/voice chat, letting you prioritize one over the other, which I found to work well too. 

Speaking of voice, the A20’s headset’s sound quality is fine and does the job well enough. Coming from a situation where my standard day-to-day equipment is a nice cardioid microphone, the quality drop is significant but not unexpected. This isn’t trying to replace a Blue Yeti or other more professional microphones, though. For content creation and for just talking to your friends during a game; it meets that need no problem! 

It didn’t take long for the A20 Wireless headset to become my new go-to headphone choice to game with!

My one complaint really about the A20 as a whole is honestly more just a knit pick, and it’s that you are restricted to only have the mic be on the left side. You can only swing down the mic in one direction, and as someone that tends to have them on the right side of my mouth, it annoyed me, but only slightly. I got used to it eventually.

The low-weight and large cushy earpads on the A20 make this a very comfortable headset for longer periods. Some headsets can squeeze around your ears a bit too much, causing headaches or pain after extended use, but I had no issue or discomfort wearing the headset for three and four-hour stretches.  Between this and the range of these puppies, it didn’t take long for the A20 Wireless headset to become my new go-to headphone choice to game with!

All-in-all, I love the A20 Astro Wireless headset. It’s a solid quality headset that doesn’t break the bank but offers plenty of great features. If you have both an Xbox and PlayStation, I think spending the extra $20 for the second USB adapter is well worth the money. I loved being able to just turn on the headset and have it automatically switch to whichever system I was playing at the time. Honestly, I’ve debated getting a third, PC-dedicated stick too.

Suppose you’re in the market for a new wireless gaming headset. In that case, I highly recommend you give the A20 Astro Wireless headset a good look because I promise you won’t be disappointed. – Astro A20 Headset Review by Scott White.

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