Meet the Bosses of ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission in New Video

Meet the Bosses of ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission in New Video

The developers behind Astro Bot Rescue Mission discuss creating some of the bosses you will fight when the PS VR title releases on October 2.

Meet the bosses of ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission in a new video from Japan Studio in which they discuss some of the large enemies you will be fighting throughout their PS VR title.

In the video Nicolas Doucet, Creative Director, Tuyen Ngo, Gameplay Programmer, Sebastian Brueckner, Art Director, and Jamie Smith, Lead Animator, discuss the process behind creating bosses and the unique perspective afforded by virtual reality. In VR the bosses take on a much bigger scale than they do in trailers. Each boss requires the use of a different gadget in order to defeat it. While the bosses are all intimidating, they have a human vulnerability to them when damaged by the player. Each environment the boss is located in is specifically tailored to that boss and the mechanics used during the fight.

These bosses are huge and create an amazing sense of scale in VR. Defeating them will not be a small affair though and your platforming and gadget skills will be put at use. Every one of them features a unique finale with a special mention for the final boss. And you’ll have to play to find out!

The giant ape, octopus, and bird will be available to fight when ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission releases next week on October 2, 2018 on PlayStation VR and you can see some of the images from the game in our gallery.