Offset Sticks Finally Come to PlayStation 4 with Astro C40 TR Controller

Offset Sticks Finally Come to PlayStation 4 with Astro C40 TR Controller

Astro has announced a new pro controller named the C40 TR that will come in early 2019 allowing players to customize both the hardware and software.

Astro has announced a new customizable controller named the C40 TR launching in early 2019 for $199.99 USD and is officially licensed by PlayStation for use on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs.

This C40 TR controller features swappable modules that allow you to offset the left analog stick or leave it in the classic parallel position of the Dualshock series. Stick caps can also be replaced for whichever type you find most comfortable. This TR (tournament ready) line of controllers from Astro are specifically made to handle pro player levels of usage. This will be Astro’s first foray into the controller market, as they have mainly focused on producing high quality headsets in the past.

Rear buttons can be remapped using switches on the controller. Another switch controls whether or not the controller is in a low-latency wired mode or 2.4 GHZ wireless mode (via a USB dongle) for home usage where wires can get in the way of playing. A 3.5mm headphone jack is included on the C40 TR that allows you to listen to game and voice chat sound via headphones.

Customization software allows you to create profiles that can be swapped using the controller. Options such as trigger and stick sensitivity, remapping buttons, dead zone adjustments, EQ, audio and mic output and sidetones can all be modified using their software on your computer. Trigger stops can be activated allowing for hair trigger performance for FPS games. Battery life is estimated to be around 12 hours. Purchases of the controller include a travel case so you can safely store and bring your expensive controller anywhere.

Currently pre-orders for the C40 TR are being taken on Astro’s website, with retailers such as GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy carrying the product when it launches next year. Only the United States and Canada will be receiving the controller, with other countries to follow afterwards.

Here is what you’ll be getting in the Astro C40 TR box:

  • C40 TR Controller
  • x2 Analog Stick Modules
  • x1 D-Pad Module
  • x1 D-Pad Plus Cover
  • x1 2m USB cable
  • x1 Travel Case
  • x1 Tool
  • x1 Faceplate
  •  x2 Standard Height Concave Stick Caps
  • x2 Standard Height Domed Stick Caps
  • x1 Tall Height Concave Stick Cap
  • x1 Tall Height Domed Stick Cap
  • x1 USB Wireless Transmitter

You can view the announcement video for the controller below, as well as check out some images of the controller and its features in the gallery below.