ASTRO Named Official Headset of WCG 2010 World Finals

on September 29, 2010 9:30 AM

It’s official, ASTRO Gaming is the headset of choice for the WCG World Finals. With the announcement, ASTRO Gaming has reached the top of the food chain in premium gaming headsets. Gamers from over 60 countries will descend upon the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 30th to October 3rd to vie for the title of World’s greatest gamer using ASTRO A30 headgear.

“Since WCG gamers are judged on their performances, it’s crucial for them to find the most advanced tools that can drive results,” said Bruce Loeb, Senior Vice President and General Manager of World Cyber Games. “It’s difficult to come across a device that’s flexible enough for each gamer to adapt and adopt, so we’re looking forward to these ASTRO Gaming headsets enhancing gamers’ experiences.”

Gamers have long appreciated the clear sound that the ASTRO line of headsets has to offer. The world’s best gamers are in for a treat, so be sure to check out everything ASTRO Gaming has to offer at, and play like a champion today. 

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