Astroneer Launches Out of Early Access on Xbox One and PC Today

Astroneer Launches Out of Early Access on Xbox One and PC Today

Astroneer is no longer part of Xbox Game Preview, as it is now a fully launched video game with a 1.0 Version today on Xbox and PC.

Astroneer is no longer a part of the Xbox Game Preview program today and is instead a fully launched game in its own right.

This space/sandbox/exploration game has finally updated to 1.0 version after about two years in the Xbox Game Preview program. During that time players have been working together, building bases, creating vehicles, and generally doing the whole survival/crafting thing that comes with most all of these types of games.

Version 1.0 of Astroneer has added a new solar system, dozens of new items to craft, and, “a new mystery to unravel that will take players to all of the new planets!” It is also currently on sale on the Xbox Storefront for $23.99 (20% off) and is both Xbox One X Enhanced and part of Xbox Play Anywhere, meaning you can play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Developed by System Era Softworks, Astroneer launched in December of 2016 in early access and has seen several updates since then. In April of 2017 the Augment & Research Curve update will include improved vehicle performance, an updated research system, and performance improvements. Another update in December of 2017, the Research Update, included two brand new features:  the Catalog and Research Chamber. The former allows players to spend Bytes, a new form of currency, in order to unlock blueprints, while the latter allows you inspect items around the world. The update also includes some UI improvements, a new tutorial, bug fixes, a new soundtrack, and more. This update also signaled the game’s transition into the Alpha stage of development, which came one year after the title’s initial release.

Subnautica, a companion to Astroneer, one that focuses on the depths of the ocean as opposed to the vastness of space, also came to Xbox Game Preview in May of 2016 and eventually made its way to the PlayStation 4 as well. The full version of that game launched on Steam in January of 2018 and Xbox One later that year. Retail versions released just this past December.

It was at E3 2018 that Astroneer announced it would be leaving early access in December of that year with a new trailer. While it didn’t end up coming out of Xbox’s version of early access until just today, it was still an accomplishment for the small team.

Other games still in Xbox Game Preview include: Darwin Project, Vigor, DayZ, Ghost of a Tale, Snooker Nation, and Descenders.