Asura’s Wrath Cover Art Released, European Release Date Announced.

Asura’s Wrath Cover Art Released, European Release Date Announced.

Capcom released today the cover art for Xbox 360 and PS3 of Asura’s Wrath.

We already knoew that the over-the-top brawler was to be released in North America on February the 21st, 2012, and today the European release date has also been announced: It will trail three days behind the US (as usual), on February the 24th.

Preorder bonuses have also been announced for the US. You can read about them past the cut.

Amazon customers will receive the Devastator Pack, including two additional gauges that reduce damage taken by asura and fill his rage meter faster.

Those that will preorder at Best Buy will receive The Infinity Pack, Featuring the Extinguisher Mode and Zealot Mode, giving players the ability to recover more quickly from overheating due to heavy attacks and prolonging the player’s time in Unlimited Rage Mode.

Gamestop preorders will instead receive a art/comic book illustrated by the authors of Penny Arcade. The flipside of the book features a collection of concept art straight from the developers at CyberConnect 2.

You can see the cover art for both versions (and both regions) below. Of course it’s just as over-the-top as the game itself.