Atari and Fig Partnering for Two New Games, Including a Reboot of One of the Former’s Most Beloved IPs

Atari and Fig Partnering for Two New Games, Including a Reboot of One of the Former’s Most Beloved IPs

Well, there's something I didn't expect to start off the week hearing.

Atari and crowdfunding platform Fig have announced a partnership that will see the two come together to develop and publish two new games, one of which will be a reboot of one of the former’s most beloved franchises, while the other will be entirely a new intellectual property.

Fred Chesnais, CEO of Atari, accompanied the announcement with the following statement:

“Fig is providing a model where gamers not only help to get the titles they are most passionate about funded, but also have the opportunity to share in the financial returns with developers and publishers. We’re excited that Fig has opened up the vast potential of crowdfunding to IP holder and publisher alike by changing the narrative and allowing us to partner with our fans.”

Justin Bailey, CEO of Fig, added:

Atari is synonymous with video games. From the early 70s through today, they built the video game industry from the ground up through indelible franchises and groundbreaking consoles. The gamer community continues to play an ever-expanding role in helping publish games they are passionate about. At Fig, we refer to what we do as community publishing rather than crowdfunding, since a ‘crowd’ is passive, and we’re about much more than just funding. With Fig, the community is active in selecting the public campaigns we run, participating in the funding, getting the word out, playing early builds, and now even profiting like the investors who supported Kingdoms and Castles. The community has become the center of the publishing process, and this partnership provides the rare opportunity to engage with an industry legend in Atari to help publish two IPs, and share in the potential financial success of those games.

Further information about the partnership was not disclosed.

For those that don’t know, unlike traditional crowdfunding approaches such as Kickstarter, where individuals back projects and obtain rewards for their support, Fig uses a model that combines individual backing and the opportunity for uncredited investors to invest in the game to obtain shares of future revenues.

A relatively new platform founded in August 2015, Fig’s first funded project, Kingdoms and Castles, recently released and saw a 100 percent return on investment in just two weeks.

Context aside, neither Atari nor Fig have provided any indication of when more information about this partnership — and the two games — will be revealed.

As of July, Atari revealed its new mystery console, dubbed the Ataribox. Whether this partnership will relate to the console — which has very little details as of right now — remains to be seen.