Atelier Ryza Launches This September in Japan

Atelier Ryza Launches This September in Japan

Gust revealed Atelier Ryza's Japanese release date, story, characters, limited editions, and new screenshots.

Gust announced Atelier Ryza launches on September 26 in Japan, for PS4 and Switch. The game’s Steam version will be coming later, possibly at the same time as the western version, which wasn’t announced yet.

Atelier Ryza‘s story and characters were detailed as well.

The game stars Ryza, an ordinary girl from the village of Larzenborden. The village is on the island of Curken, a seemingly ordinary island. Ryza is bored of her life on the island and dreams of exploring the world. One day, Ryza and her friends decide to explore the forbidden part of the island. There, they meet a man who mastered the mysterious power of Alchemy. Fascinated, Ryza asks to become his disciple, and learns how to use Alchemy herself. With the power of Alchemy, Ryza and her friends will each pursue their dreams, traveling the world. At the same time, the island faces a new danger, marking the beginning of Ryza and her friends’ summer adventure.

Protagonist Ryza is voiced by Yuri Noguchi. Ryza is an ordinary girl who doesn’t stand out. Part of her personality could be called “boyish”. Overall she has a strong sense of justice, and never backs down if she thinks she’s right. Her life changes after discovering alchemy. Ryza’s full name is Reisalin Stout.

Lent Marslink, voiced by Terashima Takuma. Ryza’s childhood friend. For a certain reason, the other inhabitants of the village always treated him coldly, so he wishes to make it big one day and get recognized.
Despite his brash way of speaking, he’s a great person who always helps out his friends. He’s also the one who always stops Ryza when she goes wild.

Tao Mongarten, voiced by Yui Kondo. Another one of Ryza’s childhood friends. There’s an underground library under the house Tao lives in, with many strange, difficult books. Tao spends all his time trying to decipher them, so everyone in the village thinks he’s weird. Tao has no socializing skills, and is really obsessed with his books, but he’d never abandon his friends.

Klaudia Valentz, voiced by Hitomi Owada. A newcomer in Ryza’s group of friends. Klaudia’s father is a traveling merchant, and they’re currently stopping at Ryza’s village. As she’s always traveling, she never really made any friends in her life and avoids getting too close with others. Klaudia seems like a quiet girl but she’s unexpectedly brave and determined. She decides to go explore the world with Ryza and her friends.

This is Atelier Ryza‘s Japanese boxart. As usual with Atelier games in Japan, Atelier Ryza will have 2 limited edition. The Premium box, and the bigger, more expensive Special Collection Box.

As usual, each Japanese online retailers have their own preorder goods for Atelier Ryza, most of which featuring fanservicey artworks. You can find them on the gallery below along with more screenshots.