Atelier Ryza Switch Gameplay Reveals Decorating, Farming, Battle and Memory Map Systems (Updated)

Atelier Ryza Switch Gameplay Reveals Decorating, Farming, Battle and Memory Map Systems (Updated)

Atelier Ryza lets you decorate your atelier's appearance, has evolving main menu illustrations and a new survey-like system called the Memory Map.

Koei Tecmo and Gust held a stream for Atelier Ryza today, where gameplay sequences from the game running on Switch were featured. Gust also revealed multiple new gameplay systems present in the game. Here’s a quick summary of the stream with everything revealed and timestamps for the gameplay sequences.

The first gameplay sequence started at the timestamp embedded above. Atelier Ryza‘s alchemy system was explained. We already covered how the alchemy system works this time in Ryza in a previous article.

Next, some exploration and battle gameplay were shown, for over twenty minutes in total. We most notably got to see Atelier Ryza‘s main menu and its world map. Gust also revealed how Atelier Ryza‘s main menu illustration actually changes as you progress through the game, and mentioned there are many different illustrations to see.

Next, they had Ryza’s seiyuu Yuri Noguchi and Klaudia’s seiyuu Hitomi Owada play out a skit live. Ryza comments how Klaudia is good as cooking and making cookies, the complete opposite of her. Ryza chats about how she’s learning alchemy with her friends and planning to go on adventures. Klaudia wishes she could go with them too, so Ryza promises that when she gets strong enough to protect Klaudia, she’ll ask her father to let her go with them.

Next, Gust revealed a new gameplay montage showing some of the systems in Atelier Ryza. First off, Atelier Ryza lets you customize the look of your alchemy atelier.  You can change both its outside and inside appearance. You can also change the furniture, such as the bed, the chairs, and the table.

The gameplay sequence then showed the field creation and sharing system which we already covered. It also revealed there’s a farming system, allowing you to grow ingredients for alchemy.

Atelier Ryza has a new system called the Memory Map. Basically, this lets you send party members to various parts of the world to go on an adventure and make some memories. When the character comes back, they fill you in about what they saw there with a text report. It also works as a survey system, as the characters will tell you what kind of materials can be gathered there. It also helps you find hidden treasures.

Lastly, Gust announced the Japanese digital version of Atelier Ryza‘s limited edition will be up for preorders on August 29. This Limited edition has many bonus costumes, and they showed some on stream. You can check them out in the gallery below. You can also check out how Atelier Ryza’s character design evolved over time and the game’s theme song trailer.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout launches on PS4 and Switch in Japan on September 26. Atelier Ryza will release only a month later in the west, on October 29, for the same platforms plus PC via Steam. You can preorder it on Amazon.

Update: Gust published three new gameplay videos on Atelier Ryza‘s official site, showing some battles. You can find them below.


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