Atelier Totori May Be Delayed to Retail, but its DLC Hits the PSN Today

on September 28, 2011 5:30 PM

While Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland was supposed to be on store shelves yesterday, some issues with shipping and manufacturing have delayed the title a few days. But regardless of that, DLC for it is showing up on the PlayStation Store today, and it is actually pretty sweet. Hit the break to check out the entire list of both paid and free DLC that you can pick up as soon as you get the game in your hands.

First off, there are three new, playable characters that have been added. Most prominently is Ceci, Totori’s sometimes overbearing sister. There’s also a DLC pack that includes Atelier Rorona characters Iksel and Cordelia, which you will then be able to recruit to help Totori in her adventuring endeavors. Both these pieces of DLC are $2.99.

In addition, these pieces of DLC will beĀ available:

  • BGM Change Mode (free): This adds the function to change the background music in Totori’s workshop and during battle. You also get several free tracks with it.
  • Battle Music Packs ($2.99 each): There are four of these packs, each containing a selection of battle music from previous Atelier and Mana Khemia games.
  • Atelier BGM Pack ($2.99): You’ll get over 30 tracks of workshop music from previous Atelier titles.
  • Model Viewer Mode (free): This adds new functionality that allows players to view 3D character models in the extras menu after they have cleared the game once.


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