Atlantica Online December Update is Now Live

Atlantica Online December Update is Now Live


Atlantica Online, the strategic turn-based MMO, has received a load of new updates such as a new dungeon, a facelift to the Tactical Battle System, new journeys and much more.

The new dungeon, Ancient Lava Valley, will allow up to three level 125 players and higher to join in battle against the Flame Guardians. You’ll receive new items and treasures if you are able to beat the monsters in the given time. The Tactical Battle System has gotten a bigger interface as well. Camera angles, alert messaging, and battlefield grid indicators have also received modifications so players can manage in-game activity. A Solo Mode battle system has also been added to the Trojan War Missions, which gives solo players faster paced action, better speed upgrades and stronger attack powers.

Stables have been added to your mansions and you’ll be able to showcase two mounts for everyone to see. Players are also encouraged to visit Santa’s Villa, where Christmas-themed quests and items are available.

Screenshots from the new update can be found after the break.