Atlas Reactor Season 3 Now Live; Brings New Skins, Map, Freelancer and More

The newest season for Atlas Reactor has officially gone live and it brings with it a new map, freelancer, and much more.

Season 3 for Trion Worlds turn-based PvP title Atlas Reactor has officially gone live. The new season brings quite a bit of new content including a new map, a new support Freelancer, and 11 new warforged skins. In addition to the new cosmetic items, map and freelancer we are also getting new stats, badges and achievements.

Atlas Reactor was officially released in October 2016 and has been able to maintain a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam since its launch. For those who haven’t played it, the game is a nice cross between XCOM and a MOBA. There is a lot of strategy involved as the game requires each player to choose their next move wisely.

Here is a full breakdown of the content changes coming to season 3, courtesy of Trion Worlds:

  • New Freelancer, Meridian – Crush the competition as the hammer-wielding new automaton, Meridian, the Herald of Hyperion. The massive, newly awakened mech blurs the line between Frontline and Support, obstructing enemies within melee range, while shielding and healing nearby teammates.
  • New Map, The Hyperforge – Wage war in Hyperbotics’ hi-tech armoury, the Hyperforge, where the open battleground and generous camouflage make for tense, wide-ranging skirmishes.
  • 11 New Warforged Skins – Show your mettle in new “Warforged” skins for Freelancers Kaigin, Phaedra, Su-Ren, Rask and Blackburn, featuring completely robotic versions of these Freelancers.
  • New Stats, Badges and Achievements Features – Set records, beat your personal bests, and see how your skills measure up against everyone in your class with a new Stats feature. Every player can now track, improve upon, and compare their performances in the Support, Firepower, and Frontliner categories, encouraging competition on a brand new level. Badges can be earned comparing player performance to global averages, and new in-game Achievements and Steam Achievements reward players for fulfilling difficult tasks.
  • More Rewards Through Season 3 Ranked – Starting with Season 3 Ranked, which will begin two weeks, all players who participate in Ranked will earn more rewards for participation. At the end of each Ranked season, players will earn special, rank-based Emblems, a massive bonus of Prestige Points that can be used to unlocked Golden VFX swaps for their favourite Freelancer’s primary ability, and more.

Atlas Reactor is currently available as a free-to-play title on PC.

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